GLSL Lighting experiments


Some images from recent experiments with shaders in Processing, focusing on lighting.




I have adapted the depth of field by Martins Upitis and the light scaterring by Fabien Sanglard shaders and some tips by Iñigo Quilez for outdoors lighting and fog.










Experimenting lighting in black and white, on a scene with physic simulation of deformable clothes (mind the awful video compression).


2 responses to “GLSL Lighting experiments”

  1. martin says:

    hi, i really love the lighting in the scenes.
    any chance to get the code for that? would love to play around with it.
    bye martin

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Martin,
    this is still work in progress, a lot to be done, but following Iñigo’s article and using Fabien’s shader you can get a similar result.

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