I’m a creative coder/technologist with 15 years of experience working on real time interactive audiovisual experiences, covering a wide range of mediums like virtual reality, projection mapping, interactive physical installations, video walls, 3D printing or lighting.

I work with interactive contents, either though tangible interfaces, computer vision, big data, sound analysis, touch controllers or social networks. And sometimes I do generative design to produce printed work, either images or objects using digital fabrication.

I have worked on art, culture, advertising and entertainment projects, for clients such as Nike, Google, Seat or Sephora, some of which have been awarded by The One Show, The Webby Awards, Clio Awards or Hermes Creative awards.

My artworks, collaborating with diverse collectives, have been featured in FILE Sao Paulo, Matadero Madrid, Dakar Biennale, HUB Madrid and Medialab Prado.

I am also cofounder of the creative studio Lumen.