Natural Sculptor

Natural Sculptor was my entry for the Intel ReaSense Challenge. It is a desktop application that lets the user lead with his/her hands the design of printable objects inspired in natural phenomena.

Using the tools of generative design, unique and complex 3D objects can be “grown” following patterns present in nature. A set of algorithms, each offering a unique visual output is available, as well as different initial conditions, making possible to create a wide range of objects, from jewelry to lamps or from mugs to volumetric typography. RealSense technology allows to interface with the application naturally, using hands to manipulate the process and shape the object in 3D.

In this way, a connection between the real and the virtual is created in both directions: a usually manual process as design is empowered by algorithmic processes, but it is again linked to the physical world through the manual interaction, creating a balance between both.

Objects created with this app can be exported into STL format for being 3D printed.

Natural Sculptor

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